The Political Bureau of the Iraqi Communist Party issued the following statement on the quadrilateral meeting held in Baghdad on Sunday 19 August 2018 which announced the formation of the core of the largest parliamentary bloc that would begin the formation of the new government: 

The alliances and coalitions of Sairoun, Nasr, Hikma and Wataniya held a meeting at leadership level on Sunday (19 August 2018). It coincided with the decision of the Federal Court to ratify the results of the parliamentary elections. 

The statement issued by the meeting stressed a number of important issues that outline the next phase and reflect a careful consideration of the political process and its erroneous path in the previous period, and its serious shortcomings, the most important and dangerous of which is the sectarian-ethnic quota system which is the cause of continued crises.

The affirmation that the new alliance is a cross-sectarian alliance, rejecting the quota system in all its forms and seeking to build a state based on citizenship and equality, outlines a new approach to governance and sets the parameters of an advanced mechanism for state administration and a basis for the formation of the next government according to the national reform programme. This programme indicates an orientation towards change and renewal, in policy, mentality, performance and personnel, and specifying the criteria for those holding public office in all posts of the state.

The statement issued from the meeting embodied the demands of citizens and demonstrators and their aspirations for serious reform. This includes reforming the political system, rebuilding state institutions based on citizenship, integrity and competence, as well as the provision of services, tackling corruption and the return of the displaced, and the provision of a decent life for all the Iraqi people.

The meeting laid down the main guidelines for the coming phase. It is now necessary to complete the formation of the largest parliamentary bloc and open up to those who share the same vision and programme.

The lesson remains that all these sincere efforts would find their way towards ending the injustice suffered by citizens and taking them forward into a life of stability, security and prosperity, which requires guaranteeing constitutional rights and freedoms, keeping arms under the control of the state, ensuring social justice and building a true democratic state.


20 August 2018



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