Dear Comrades,

We convey the warmest greetings of Iraqi Communists to the 13th Congress of the Communist Party of Turkey. We also join you in celebrating the 100th anniversary of the TKP’s foundation. This special occasion in the life of your fraternal party is a reminder of the heroic struggle and sacrifices of Turkish Communists in the battles of national liberation, independence, freedom and democracy, against dictatorship, reaction and imperialism. This history testifies to their fidelity to the ideals of socialism and communism. The centenary anniversary also provides inspiration for Communists and their Left allies to intensify the struggle in defence of the rights of the working class and people, for democratic rights and social justice.

We are confident that the 13th Congress will contribute to strengthening your party and its role in the ongoing mass struggles. This is crucial for developing a broad Left front mobilizing the people against the ruling bourgeoisie and the onslaught by Erdogan’s regime on democracy and the rights of the Kurdish people, as well as its aggressive and expansionist policies in the Middle East. Its blatant interference in the affairs of other countries in the region is evident in Syria, Iraq and Libya. In this respect, our party has strongly condemned the repeated violations of Iraq’s national sovereignty by the Turkish army and air force, including recent attacks on areas deep inside Iraqi Kurdistan. It has called for an immediate end to this aggression.

Dear Comrades, 

While wishing your 13th Congress every success in its deliberations, we extend our wholehearted greetings to its delegates and all the members of your fraternal party on its 100th anniversary. We look forward to developing the relations between our two parties in the joint struggle for freedom, peace, democracy, social progress, and socialism.

Long live Internationalist Solidarity!

Central Committee

Iraqi Communist Party

7 August 2020





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