1 July 2022 – 3.30pm 

After the capital and the cities of Sudan witnessed mass demonstrations yesterday (30 June 2022), with millions of people demanding the establishment of full civil authority, the demonstrations have intensified for the second day in a row in the centre of Khartoum and the vicinity of Sharoni. Clashes are taking place between the revolutionaries and the repressive forces.

A little time ago, a security force besieged the central headquarters of our party after revolutionaries took shelter inside. It fired a barrage of tear gas and stun grenades inside the headquarters which resulted in injuries and suffocation cases among the protesters. 

The siege of the party headquarters is continuing till the time of writing this press statement.

We, in the Sudanese Communist Party, condemn this barbaric act by the miliary coup authority which is plundering the resources of the country in order to protect its interests.

We wish the wounded and injured a speedy recovery.

Let us work together to build the unified centre of the Revolution

Revolution until victory

Central Information Office

Sudanese Communist Party

1 July 2022 (3.30pm)



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