The situation in our country has taken a new and dangerous turn, as previously warned against, with the continuation of the state of intransigence and clinging to positions and insistence on the same abhorrent ethno-sectarian power-sharing system that led to the deteriorating state of our country and our people.

The repercussions and open possibilities that things have reached could have been avoided if the will of the majority of Iraqis and their declared demands had been met.

We stress on the following:

  • The right to peaceful demonstration and protest in all locations, squares and provinces, and the importance of the peaceful character of the protest movement.
  • We loudly condemn resorting to live weapons, willful killing and forms of violence contravening human rights, from all parties. They bear full responsibility for spilling the blood of the martyrs. We call on the security forces of all kinds to protect the demonstrators, distance themselves from political conflicts, assume their responsibilities and perform their tasks in accordance with the Constitution.
  • In these difficult and critical circumstances, we renew our support for the right of our people to struggle by various peaceful and mass methods in order to achieve their just demands and impose their will.

In this context, we emphasize:

  1. Protecting the right to demonstrate and express opinion through various peaceful forms.
  2. Condemning the shooting of demonstrators and protesters, and holding the aggressors fully responsible legally and politically.
  3. Resolving the crisis in favor of implementing the demands of the masses by acting immediately to form a transitional government of competent, impartial, fair and independent national figures, away from the political parties and blocs that have previously been tried and proven to fail, and away from the sectarian, ethnic and political quota power-sharing.
  4. Moving toward early elections in accordance with a fair electoral system, and preparing relevant draft laws with broad national participation within a short period, to be voted on in one session of the Parliament before it votes on its decision to dissolve itself.
  5. Therefore, the judiciary and the Federal Court are required to take a measure that guarantees the supreme interest of the homeland and prevents the country slipping into dangers threatening civil and societal peace.
  6. Ending all foreign interference in the affairs of our country. Our people have the right to decide their present and future by themselves, according to the free will of the citizens.

Our party renews its support for our people, and its participation with them in their struggle and joint action, in order to impose the will of the people and inaugurate marching ahead along the path of comprehensive change leading to the establishment of a state of citizenship, democracy and social justice.

Glory to the martyrs and the precious sacrifices of our people

Defeat to the system of ethno-sectarian power-sharing and corruption

Victory for our people

The Central Committee

of the Iraqi Communist Party


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