21 January 2021

Terrorism has today returned once again to torment our beloved Baghdad, which, along with the rest of the Iraq's cities and towns has been yearning for stability and a secure life.

This morning criminal suicide bombers targeted Tayaran Square in central Baghdad, which was crowded with shoppers, vendors and working people who strive to secure their daily livelihood in the conditions of a grinding economic and financial crisis. The criminals revealed their deep hatred by killing and wounding dozens of innocent people.

The forces of terrorism and crime do their utmost to prevent stability and stop the people going about their lives and work, away from bloodshed, the sounds of explosions, bombs and missiles.

The issue of terrorism, despite the successes achieved in the battle against it, has not been resolved. Its evil forces seek to exploit every loophole, outlet, state of complacency and lack of vigilance to implement their heinous objectives in terrorizing citizens and destabilizing security.

Confronting terrorism and its criminal organizations must always receive attention, and the security of citizens should not be compromised amid the fever of political competition and infighting, and the scramble for positions. It is imperative to maintain vigilance, caution, the state of readiness of our security and armed forces, and enable the intelligence effort to play its role. Citizens also need to demonstrate the highest level of attention to the methods of the terrorists and their malicious deceptions.

This, of course, cannot be achieved without paying attention to the citizens, fulfilling their urgent needs, providing them with job opportunities, improving public and health services, and creating an atmosphere of trust between state institutions, especially the security and military, and citizens.

We condemn in the strongest terms this heinous crime that was committed this morning, and offer our condolences to the families of the martyrs, wishing the wounded and injured a speedy recovery.

The Political Bureau

Iraqi Communist Party


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