The brutal Israeli aggression against Gaza is escalating in a hysterical reaction to the bold operation carried out this morning by the Palestinian resistance against the Zionist occupation forces. The toll of this aggression, at the time of preparing this statement, reached 198 martyrs and hundreds of wounded.

The escalation of Palestinian popular resistance came as a legitimate response to the heinous crimes that Netanyahu’s fascist government, the occupation forces and settler gangs continued to commit against the Palestinian people in the West Bank and Jerusalem. These included repeated raids on Al-Aqsa Mosque and attacks on Christian and Islamic sanctities, in which dozens of innocent civilians were killed, including women and children.

Today's developments confirm once again the established fact that there can be no security and stability in the Middle East region except by ending the hateful Israeli occupation, and the Palestinian people obtaining their full legitimate rights to self-determination, freedom, return and independence, and establishing their independent national state with Jerusalem as its capital.

These developments also reaffirm the blatant bias of the United States and its allies towards Israel, their unlimited support for it, and their obstruction of the implementation of UN resolutions, allowing it to continue its occupation and crimes against the Palestinian people. They expose the falsity of the shameful positions of the Arab regimes involved in the humiliating process of “normalization” with Israel, and constitute a strong blow to them.

The Iraqi Communist Party raises its voice in solidarity with the Palestinian people and their valiant popular resistance to the Zionist occupation. It calls on all Iraqi patriotic forces to express their solidarity with this heroic Palestinian struggle, and to provide further support for it. The Party also calls on the Iraqi government to take urgent action at the Arab and international levels, to stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people, protect them, stop the massacre that the Israeli occupation forces continue to commit against Gaza, and deter it from carrying out more crimes in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Long live the struggle of the Palestinian people and victory to their courageous popular resistance.

The Political Bureau

Iraqi Communist Party

7 October 2023

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