The Iraqi Communist Party, its organizations, members and supporters, in cooperation with civil and democratic political parties and with the protest movements, are waging a continuous struggle for comprehensive change in Iraq, to build a democratic civil state and achieve social justice. This alternative will develop and diversify the economy, develop national capabilities, respect human rights, enhance women's participation and provide education, health and adequate housing for all citizens, and protect the rights of all Iraqis including minorities.

Since the Party’s 11th National Congress that was held in November 2021, Iraq has witnessed important events and developments that have had profound impact on the political, social, economic, cultural and security scene. Their repercussions continue to interact and affect the course of the ongoing and intensifying conflict over options for the future.  These include the form and content of the state, the approach to governance, and the features of the political, economic and social alternative to the existing system. The latter is based on sectarian-ethnic quotas in administration, as well as in building state institutions, and giving priority to sub-identities over the inclusive Iraqi citizenship identity.

The political regression and repercussions of the all-encompassing structural crisis led to an upsurge of various forms of protests and demonstrations. With the continued spread of corruption, the widening gap between the rich and the poor, the absence of social justice, and the accumulation of protest action for many years, a massive popular uprising erupted in October 2019. It was an unparalleled uprising in Iraq’s modern history, with large numbers of young people in the forefront.

Since that great uprising, the dominant political forces in power have been unable to provide a way out of these crises, given their nature and their desperation to hold onto power, for fear of being subjected to legal accountability, and in order to preserve their interests and influence. Therefore, the infighting and political impasse continues. The democratic civil forces remain reliant on the popular mass movement and mobilization to break the impasse and impose the will of the people who are eager for change.

Hence, we in the Iraqi Communist Party and in the marquee of its central newspaper "Tareeq Al-Shaab" (People’s Path) at the Fête de l'Humanité 2022 are looking forward to the solidarity of all participants and visitors to the festival with our Iraqi people in their struggle against the system of ethno-sectarian power-sharing, corruption and armed militias.

Our party continues the struggle, along with the rest of the peoples of the world and their active forces, against imperialism, neoliberalism, fascism, militarism and wars; for peace and disarmament; against capitalist exploitation and for social progress. It is an integral part of the global movement that aspires to and works for a better future for the peoples of the world.

The Iraqi Communist Party reiterates its solidarity with the struggle of the peoples and their patriotic, democratic, Left and Communist forces in the world; for their right to self-determination with their own free will, and for the victory of the values ​​of democracy and justice, building equal relations and consolidating international peace and security.

Iraqi Communist Party

September 2022

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