Economic Sanctions .. A Weapon Directed Against the People

The region of the Middle East is facing a host of challenges and problems, while its peoples eagerly aspire to stability, freedom and minimum prerequisites of life. There are many hotbeds of conflict, resulting in people being killed, wounded, left with disabilities, displaced and made refugees because of wars and continuing military conflicts and deteriorating living and humanitarian conditions. This region is witnessing sectarian and chauvinist incitement and extremism, as well as the frenzied activity of terrorist groups, with uncontrolled spread of arms. Foreign interventions and efforts to impose hegemony and control over the region's capabilities cause further complications. Several parties are interfering to push the region into destructive military conflicts and encourage internal fragmentation. Meanwhile, Israel continues its aggressive practices and violating UN resolutions that uphold the right of the Palestinian people to return to their homeland and to self-determination, and their right to establish their independent national state with East Jerusalem as its capital.

In this volatile climate, the US has decided to re-impose economic sanctions on Iran unilaterally and without international legal cover. This action by the United States comes after its decision to withdraw from the Iran nuclear agreement, as part of the policy adopted by the administration of President Trump of escalation and tension in order to intensify pressure on the regime of the Islamic Republic. However, the experiences of imposing economic sanctions, such as those that were imposed on our country in the 1990s, which are supposedly a punishment against regimes and pressure on them to change their policies, soon become in practice a punishment against the people with grave humanitarian, social and economic consequences that aggravate their suffering, exacerbate their living difficulties and threaten the fabric of society and the pillars of the state.

As the two sides exchange threats, international and regional parties express their concern that the situation could degenerate into a devastating military conflict. This would add new burdens to the peoples of the region who are already suffering the nightmare of the war against terrorism, the senseless bloody conflict in Syria and Yemen and the instability in several of their countries.

The peoples of the region, including the Iranian people, are looking for stable conditions in which they can utilize their resources and wealth for their well-being and to build their own countries. They aspire to equal relations with other countries based on international legitimacy, laws and norms and on non-interference in the internal affairs of any country.

It is the right of these peoples to enjoy freedom, democracy and a decent life, and to choose their own political systems according to their will, without wars, economic sanctions and siege.

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