• Mass demonstration in central Khartoum.
  • Security forces prevent march from reaching Republican Palace
  • 5 people killed and more than 80 injured, some seriously
  • Call for the release of all political detainees, including five members of the Sudanese CP’s Central Committee

   26 December 2018

Yesterday the 25th of December was the day Khartoum became the centre of the mass protest actions. The protest march called by the professional bodies turned into a great mass demonstration which started at 1pm and continued late into the night. The masses were denied reaching their target of presenting their memorandum to Albashir by the heavy presence of armed security forces around the Republican Palace.

The demonstration which started in central Khartoum, soon spread to other residential areas around the capital. The battles between the demonstrators and the security forces moved from the main roads to the streets and lanes of the capital.

The security forces, militias and thugs of the regime used excessive force causing the death of more than five innocent people, injuring more than 80 persons, some very seriously, and detaining scores of protesters.

The Secretariat of the party’s Central Committee issued two appeals during the course of the day. The first appeal called for participation in the protest march, and the second one, issued midway through the continuation of the demonstrations, called for the unity of the people in the struggle to topple the regime.

A meeting of the National Forces for Consensus, the opposition alliance, took place at the headquarters of the Sudanese Communist Party. The meeting resolved to continue the fight to the end. It, furthermore, agreed to call for a broader meeting where representatives of the democratic trade unionists, youth, women, political parties and patriotic leaders are expected to participate.

The Secretariat of the Central Committee calls on all fraternal parties to intensify their support initiatives as the struggle of our people is reaching higher levels.

Call for the immediate release of all political detainees including comrades Masoud Ali, Hanadi Fadl, Tariq abdul-Majeed, and Dr Sied Ahmed Alkhateeb and Dr Amal Gaberalla, all members of the party’s Central Committee.

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