• Mass demonstrations continue against the dictatorial regime
  • Repression and arrests escalate
  • Security forces attack headquarters of Sudanese CP and kidnap a member of its Political Bureau, Comrade Masoud Ali

24 December 2018

For the fifth day running the mass demonstrations continue unabated. Yesterday evening, Sunday the 23rd December, witnessed one of the largest peaceful demonstrations which took place in Omdurman after a major football game.

The demonstration which continued till the early hours of Monday, was violently repressed. The security forces resorted to the use of excessive force, killing at least seven demonstrators and injuring over 200 protesters, some seriously.

The mass actions were not limited to the capital but spread all over the country. Yesterday the mass actions took place in cities and towns in the Darfour region and Kordufan. At the same time people living in cities like Atbara in the north, Portsudan in the East and Madani in Algazera, continue to demonstrate daily, despite the repression, detention and torture.

It is difficult to give an exact number of those who were cowardly killed or detained, because at the time of reporting the confrontation between the masses and the security forces has resumed in the capital.

A very serious development took place yesterday. In an unprecedented act of violence armed gangs of the security forces forced their way and broke into the Sudanese CP headquarters and kidnapped comrade Masoud Ali, member of the Political Bureau and Secretary of the Party organization in the capital. His whereabouts are unknown and his safety is in real danger. It is top priority to demand his immediate release.


The Political Bureau of the Sudanese CP has issued a statement on Sunday, 23rd December, calling on the masses to continue their protest action till the overthrow of the regime. It urged the Party members and friends to play their major role in mobilizing and organizing the protesters...

We call on fraternal parties to redouble their solidarity actions in support of our peoples struggle for freedom, democracy and social justice.

Secretariat of the Central Committee

Sudanese CP

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