URGENT!  Common Appeal

of the Communist and Workers’ Parties

For the Immediate Release of the leaders of the Communist Party of Sudan and all political detainees

in Solidarity with Working People of Sudan

The Communist and Workers’ parties that sign this statement have received verified information that in the past few days Comrade Mohamed Mokhtar Al-Khatieb, the Political Secretary of the Sudanese Communist Party, and a number of members of the Central Committee and leading cadres of the SCP have been arrested by the security forces of the regime. The party leadership was attacked following a successful mass demonstration in center of the capital Khartoum on Tuesday 16 January 2018 protesting against the rise in the price of bread.

We believe that the health and lives of the detainees of the Sudanese Communist Party are in imminent danger.

The dictatorial regime in Sudan has demonstrated that it will resort to the use of force to prevent the peaceful protesters from practising their constitutional rights  to organise and participate in peaceful demonstration against the regime’s economic policies.

The arrest of the communist leaders in Sudan is coupled with the detention of opposition political leaders and activists, and the confiscation of newspapers, including Almidan, the central organ of the SCP.

The Communist and Workers’ parties co-signing this statement express their support to and solidarity with the struggle of the Sudanese people and workers for peace, democracy and social justice and demand:

  • The immediate release of all political detainees;
  • Freedom for Comrade Al-Khatieb and leading cadres of SCP;
  • Respect of democratic rights and freedoms of the people;
  • The abolition of the new economic measures introduced by the regime that will inevitably result in starving the majority of the Sudanese people.

    Parties that sign the Common Appeal:
  1. Communist Party of Albania
  2. PADS
  3. Communist Party of Argentina
  4. Party of Labour of Austria
  5. Communist Party of Australia
  6. Communist Party of Azerbaidjan
  7. Progressive Tribune, Bahrain
  8. Communist Party of Bangladesh
  9. Communist Party Wallonia-Brussels (Belgium)
  10. Workers' Party of Belgium (PTB)
  11. Brazilian Communist Party
  12. Communist Party of Britain
  13. Communist Party of Canada
  14. Socialist Workers Party of Croatia
  15. AKEL, Cyprus
  16. Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia
  17. Communist Party of Esthonia
  18. Communist Party of Egypt
  19. French Communist Party
  20. Communist Party of Macedonia
  21. German Communist Party
  22. Communist Party of Greece
  23. People's Progressive Party of Guyana
  24. Hungarian Workers Party
  25. Communist Party of India
  26. Communist Party of India (Marxist)
  27. Iraqi Communist Party
  28. Tudeh Party of Iran
  29. Communist Party of Ireland
  30. Workers Party of Ireland
  31. Communist Party (Italy)
  32. Jordanian Communist Party
  33. Lebanese Communist Party
  34. Socialist People's Front, Lithuania
  35. Communist Party of Luxembourg
  36. Communist Party of Mexico
  37. New Communist Party of the Netherlands
  38. Communist Party of Norway
  39. Communist Party of Pakistan
  40. Palestinian People’s Party
  41. Paraguayan Communist Party
  42. Philippine Communist Party [PKP-1930]
  43. Communist Party of Poland
  44. Portuguese Communist Party
  45. Communist Party the Russian Federation
  46. Union of Communist Parties - CPSU
  47. Communist Party of the Soviet Union
  48. New Communist Party of Yugoslavia
  49. Party Communists of Serbia
  50. South African Communist Party
  51. Syrian Communist Party
  52. Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain (PCPE)
  53. Sudanese Communist Party
  54. Communist Party of Sweden
  55. Communist Party of Turkey
  56. Communist Party of Ukraine
  57. Communist Party USA
  58. CP of Venezuela


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