The following statement was issued by the Political Bureau of the Iraqi Communist Party after the parliamentary elections which took place on 12th May 2018:

The general parliamentary elections ended yesterday. On this occasion, we congratulate our people on the completion of this constitutional right, which is another step on the path of consolidating democratic practice and achieving a peaceful transfer of power, according to the voter’s free will.

It is gratifying that what took place on 12th May, and before it in the special vote for the armed forces, passed through peacefully, as the security forces were able to provide protection to the electoral centres. This can be counted as another achievement for these forces, to be added to their victories and those of our entire people on terrorist Daesh. We therefore extend thanks and appreciation to our valiant forces, and to everyone who has worked and contributed in providing the necessary conditions and prerequisites to undertake this democratic practice.

We also thank all local and international agents and observers, as well as the United Nations and the Iraqi, Arab and international media, for their good efforts.

We must warmly greet the citizens who participated in the elections, exercising their right to vote and choosing who they deem fit to represent them in the new parliament.

We also salute and thank those who voted for the Saeroun electoral alliance and its candidates, including the candidates of the Communist Party, and we pledge to continue marching forward, regardless of the results of the elections, on the path of change and reform and putting an end to the quotas system, political sectarianism and corruption. We shall work with our allies in Saeroun, and the civil, democratic and national forces with whom we share many political objectives, to save our country and put it on the path of safety and progress, and ensure the welfare and well-being of our people.

We had wanted these elections to be conducted in better conditions and through an efficient electoral system, that would ensure not a single vote of the electorate be wasted, and that every vote would go to those who deserve it. We also wanted the elections to receive more public attention and broad participation, which was not achieved because of the policies of the ruling forces and their failure to implement promises, and because of resentment over the situation in the country. We did not wish to see the faults and shortcomings that marred the elections here and there. We will revisit all these and other issues later.

Let us make these elections an additional incentive for further work and effort, to achieve the desired goals towards establishing a state based on citizenship and true democracy, a state of institutions, law, security and social justice.

Long live our Iraqi people!

Baghdad - 13 May 2018


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