The following statement was issued by the political Bureau of the Iraqi Communist Party on the Syrian crisis on 12th April 2018: 

We are following with deep concern the very serious developments of the Syrian crisis and the escalation of tension between the United States and some European countries, on the one hand, and the Russian Federation on the other, and its repercussions on the countries of the Middle East and on Syria in particular.

It is clear that pushing the situation to the brink of war and threatening the use of advanced weapons is a return to the worst atmosphere of the Cold War, a direct threat to international peace and security, and a curtailment of political and diplomatic efforts and UN efforts to resolve international issues and problems peacefully. All of this would have a serious negative impact on the peoples of our region and would increase their suffering and pain.

The present tense and aggravating atmosphere is not unrelated to the climate of international competition and conflict over interests and spheres of influence, nor to the problems faced by rulers in one country or another, as they try to banish the risks that threaten their rule or undermine their popularity, through creating external crises. Past experience has shown that such actions exacerbate problems and do not resolve them, and cause more complexity and human and material losses.

We reaffirm our unequivocal rejection of any use, from any quarter, of internationally prohibited weapons, including chemical weapons. Internationally recognized measures should be taken to ascertain who may have used such weapons, whether in Syria or in any other country. We also strongly reject double standards on the issue of possessing weapons of mass destruction in the region, and insist on seeking to make the entire Middle East a region free of them, including nuclear weapons.

Our hearts go out to the sons and daughters of Syria, and we express our deep solidarity with them in their prolonged plight and suffering that is exacerbated by violence and counter-violence. It is urgent for all sides to realize that Syria and its people, after all the destruction they have suffered and are exposed to, can no longer endure new military strikes that would kill more people and destroy more cities and towns. The solution that they have been looking forward to continues to lie in supporting the efforts of the United Nations to reach a peaceful political solution, and to enable the Syrian people to democratically choose their rulers and decide their future and destiny with their own free will.

This approach would also enhance the chances of peace in the whole region and contribute to saving its peoples from the infernos ignited and inflamed by the merchants of war to serve their interests.

Political Bureau

Iraqi Communist Party

12 April 2018


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