The Political Bureau of the Iraqi CP issued the following statement on 25 October 2019:

Stop the Suppression of the Demonstrators Immediately!

Once again peaceful demonstrators are subjected to a bloody repression no less severe than what happened on the first of this month and afterwards, which received widespread condemnation from political and popular organisations, both local and international. After the horrific deliberate killings that took place at the time, the government promised to act differently in future.

Today these promises were to be tested. Yet what happened is another catastrophe and a new tragedy for our people and homeland, where 30 demonstrators were martyred and more than 2000 others were injured after tear gas was used intensively and intentionally to hit the protesters, in addition to the use of live and rubber bullets in several locations.

This development of events demonstrates the government's inability to fulfil its promises and provide protection to peaceful demonstrators, and to ensure the security and stability of our country. It also vindicates our party’s demand in its statement on 23 October 2019, calling for the resignation of the existing government and the formation of a new national government, characterised with integrity and given exceptional powers, away from the quota system, to stop the continuous deterioration and address the crises that are bleeding the country, and put it on the road to safety, stability, reconstruction and development.

The reprehensible repression that has taken place in Iraq today must stop immediately. We call on the President, Prime Minister, Speaker of Parliament and the judiciary to take an immediate serious step to get the country out of its crisis.  Otherwise, they bear the historical responsibility for what is happening now and what is going to happen tomorrow in our dear homeland.

This condemned repression must stop immediately!


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